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Spencer is released from Radley and comes home, but is unbeknownst to the girls, working with Mona/"A" to set up a party so that Red Coat can meet them all.

As promised, Mona arranges Spencer a meeting with Toby, who is alive and well and reveals that he joined the A-Team to keep Spencer safe.

Germain (Bianca Lawson) in the season two finale, while the second half deals with the reveal that Toby Cavanaugh is a member of the A-Team.

When Charlie's piano is taken away, already jealous Alan also turns melancholic and ends up incarnating his dearly missed brother, getting drunk and picking up girls as Charlie, down to his name and Bermudas.

She is best known for her lead role in the 2000 film Center Stage and for her recurring roles on One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, and Suits.

She currently stars in the Syfy television series 12 Monkeys.

Five months after Mona revealed as 'A,' the Liars are drinking at a slumber party, talking about their summer before they begin their senior year of high school.

Emily, who is grieving Maya, drinks too much alcohol and goes missing.

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Caleb confronts Hanna who tells him that she's been visiting Mona and they go visiting her together.

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