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If for some reason they refuse to help you make sure you mention that you intend to file a report with the federal trade commission, the better business bureau, the mall or building that their shop is in and the police, since this is credit card fraud. Actually, we have a quota for a lot of things; reserves, bsp, bspvip, special orders, magazine subscriptions, etc... And while I don't "trick" people, I do know some cashiers do. most customers would question what the cashier was doing. I went in to browse, chose a few movies, and found out I needed to renew my Backstage Pass. I had planned on cancelling it after the month anyway, but forgot, so I got the initial charge.They will most likely take you seriously at this point. Make sure you follow up with the manager regularly, call them maybe once or twice a week to keep them honest. This is part of the reason why I left the company, because of this quota. But, even so, you'd have to be a complete idiot to fall for it. you still need to sign a seperate sheet of paper that has the contract of you signing the card. Most people would read a contract before signing something that isn't a credit card slip... Well, I wasn't worried, its was 25$ a year, I verified with the clerk. So I'm thinking, well I guess I have it for a year now.The store manager has no customer service skills and the store it's self seems disorganized. A friend of mine bought a game system where the wires were no good and she wouldn't even let her exchange for the same product! FYE I just got back 2 years worth of .99 a month FYE charged me while I was enrolled in their scam without my knowledge. There are a lot of problems with what fye is doing with their programs but I will just cover how to get your money back. I was in a hurry, shopping for a picky 10 year old in a massive crowd-- all fighting for overpriced dvd's and cd's-- when the cashier asked me to sign up for the rewards program! Here I thought it was sent for being inconvenienced! You also get a .00 FYE gift card if you kept it for two months, meaning, you get the first month free and you pay .99 to keep the card for the month. I'm smarter than you honey and make far more money, I'm sure. i am getting charged 10$ a &^&*^( month for a service i SPECIFICALLY said no to. I too was scammed by the FYE Backstage Pass VIP club.

Make sure you tell them how much money was taken from you by fye and how long you have been signed up without your knowledge. To one of the commenters above, yes, there is a quota each sales associate has to obtain a day and a week for these Backstage Pass VIP cards. DMs will fire you in a heartbeat if you don't meet your quota. Most educated people would say "I'm sorry, I'm busy." Because, when people do sign up for the backstage pass, THEY ASK ABOUT IT FIRST! Well I moved to another state, and much to my glee I found a suncoast in my podunk miserable little town. Silly me for thinking that it was a year to get discounts on a few CD's, when in reality it was A MONTH (which the clerk failed to mention).Cue the monthly .99 charges from our checking account.When I learned that it was not something my husband wanted or even remembered if he signed up for or not, I tried calling FYE to cancel (November 2017).Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. I get my bills online through my bank, called e-bill.The company never cancelled my membership and continued charging me .99 a month. This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 06/24/2017 PM and is a permanent record located here: https:// Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

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