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She knew she had to eat something but couldn't muster the energy. Monish had done that to her several times before, he obviously enjoyed it. Two hands grabbed her head and gently pushed her face forward until she felt her nose press gently against the base of his cock, her lips brushing his balls. "Go on, do what you can to make him feel better," she heard a jeering voice.

Her arms were limp and she could barely keep her eyes open. Three more hours until the workday ended and she might be able to go home. After he and his gang used her all night, he'd drop her off outside her office building just ten minutes before the work day began. Vader stormed into the opening of her cubicle, filling the space with three-hundred pounds of angry black man. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking the soft flesh and thick hair. She felt his cock twitching against her nose, banging her forehead. After a few seconds more, Diane reached for him with her gloved right hand.

I've heard a lot about you." The exact words he'd said at the party. She'd been collared and leashed, Lars had introduced her and handed him the leash with instructions to use her however he saw fit and have her back in two hours. He looked Diane directly in the eyes and said, "I have nowhere to be anytime soon." A shiver went down her spine. She'd told Lars that Bailey scared her, he was too intense, she didn't know if he understood where the lines were. Monish didn't have to say anything to her - it didn't matter if he threatened to harm them or to just expose her 'special' life with Lars, she knew she was theirs. He was already hard and she sucked him with quick, shallow strokes.

"I...just, would like us to move this along." "Oh, please, don't hurry on my account," Bailey said. They'd done their work quickly overnight, thanks to the Internet, most of it was easy to get to. She moved herself around in front of him and dropped into a squat, pulling his cock out of his pants and putting it into her mouth.

He and two of his men had taken her in a van, then drove out to the edge of the city to a large abandoned warehouse.

He'd showed up at her home the next day as she was leaving for work.

The sessions usually lasted all night, An evening being 8p.m. Monish understood the need for her to get at least some sleep. "After all, it is nearly six o'clock and the city gets interesting at about six," Bailed turned and looke at Diane, "doesn't it, Ms. " Diane felt a rush of panic and nearly fell out of her chair. Diane felt sweat trickling down the sides of her neck, underneath her breasts. She felt herself getting slightly aroused at the idea. My, I must have been rather horny today." Diane stood up and said in a soft voice, "may I leave now? They'd been through a lot together and for something to make him hesitate scared her. She'd always got to the boundaries quicker than he did, it was his protective instinct. She heard the door open and felt him put the helmet on her head. She felt someone outside the car take her hand and she slid toward the open door.

Diane Blackmailed ch 01 by Just ALittle Rougher Diane looked at the cup of coffee and sandwich in front of her. And her hair still smelled like sex if someone got close enough. He grunted and she felt a breeze as one of his legs moved near her cheek.

She'd done her best to scratch the dried cum off of her skirt and jacket but knew there would still be slightly darker spots. You've been milking this job since you got here, riding on your looks and reputation! Vader, that isn't it, I..." "I don't want to hear it." He crossed his arms. Then, the unmistakable sound of a flogger cracking against flesh.

Rodrigo, the man in the cubicle next to hers, watched her as she made her way down the hall. Lars grinding his teeth, Lars considering what her punishment would be. Men's voices talking quietly, a glass clinking against a table. Her escorts walked her toward the sound of the breathing. She heard the man's breathing stop and a low moan escape his throat.

You know I don't send these out without a review." "Oh, Mr. She felt his thumbs making small circles on the back of her white-gloved hands. "Things have changed just a little bit." He removed his hand.

but he also understood the power of sleep deprivation. She was nervous and still exhausted from last night. "I wonder what would happen if you were to be even later than you are now? He lowered his eyes slightly, stared at her mouth, at her chest, at the damp spot in her crotch. As she swung her leg outward, she felt Lars' hand on her knee.

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