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The idea is that you'll need to logon once a day or so to efficiently manage your empire/business.So if you get busy in real life or take a vacation, you risk losing everything you've spent months building up? You can delegate your empire to other people in the meantime, the game will include a Owner/Controller concept, making it easy to give Control of your empire/business to another player (or a number of them) without losing it, once you are back you can take control of everything again.In traditional MMORPGs an offline player's avatar is simply gone into the ether, but in a Civ-style game those lands and cities are going to be finite and permanent once a player claims them.If that player is offline they would presumably be off limits to other players as they'd be defenseless. How do you prevent a player from being landlocked if all players on his borders are offline?Also, if you are not a programmer or graphic designer, but nonetheless want to contribute ideas please feel free to join us! If anybody is interested, please send me a PM or go through or google group at For more info you can go to: our design document ( The FAQ ( Our forums ( How do you propose to handle battle between players/civilizations when people are not online?fid=3)(not very lively at the moment since we mostly talk via gmail) Our wiki ( Currently the project is on it's first development cycle, you can see a roadmap for it on Thanks. For instance, a player would presumably, when online, build a city, develop the land, mine for resources and essentially build a kingdom of sorts with a finite border.

To get defensive units you'd give the best armor but no weapon.Nevertheless perhaps a variant of that system could be implemented, that is not so unrealistic, yet solves the problem? I know this strays a bit into AI territory, but could you give the vacationer the option of assigning basic orders during his absence?For example, you put all units in "defend" mode where, if attacked, they respond with their basic attack against the attacking unit.And that gold shipment can be attacked by pirates/bandits or other players.Capturing the enemy's camp should be a constant goal when fighting a battle.

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I read Colleen Mc Collough's "Masters of Rome" series, and I always thought one interesting addition to a strategy game would be the inclusion of money, not as an abstraction, but as an in-game resource.

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