Dating methods in archaeology

He was also a meticulous excavator and scrupulous record keeper and laid down many of the ideas behind modern archaeological recording.The next major figure in the development of archaeology in the UK was Mortimer Wheeler, whose highly disciplined approach to excavation and systematic coverage of much of Great Britain in the 1920s and 1930s brought the science on swiftly.William Flinders Petrie is another man who may legitimately be called the Father of Archaeology.His work in Egypt developed the concept of seriation, which permitted accurate dating long before scientific methods were available to corroborate his chronologies.It was not until the introduction of modern technology from the 1950s onwards that a similar leap forward would be made in field archaeology.Wheeler's method of excavation, laying out the site on a grid pattern, though gradually abandoned in favour of the open-area method, still forms the basis of excavation technique.This stone, known to posterity as the Rosetta Stone, caused great excitement amongst the scholars attached to Napoleon's army.

In his reporting of his investigations and ecavations of such neolithic barrows as Silbury Hill used terminology that was later adopted by other archaeologists.The terms "excavations" ond "collection" can, however, cover a multitude of scenarios.In ancient times the Tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt were looted by graverobbers who probably hoped for financial gain through sale of their plunder.Meanwhile, the work of Sir Arthur Evans at Knossos in Crete had shed light on the Minoan civilisation.Many of the finds from this site were catalogued and brought to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, where they could be studied by classicists, while an attempt was made to reconstruct much of the original site.

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