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“We already have enough obligations around the holidays.

The last thing you want is to feel like you owe your new interest anything! But she was tickled when on Thanksgiving her new sweetie sent her a text with a picture of the family dog, who wished her a Happy Thanksgiving. It was lighthearted and sweet, but it also asked nothing of me in response.

For most of the year, couples can allow new relationships to evolve slowly without burdening themselves with a lot of strict definitions. But during the holidays, couples are confronted with a host of awkward questions. Suddenly, the status of your relationship is cast into high relief.

Is the man you’re having dinner with on Friday your boyfriend or just a guy you’re seeing? Jaime, a writer and editor, met a great guy at a Halloween party this year. ” While she has been enjoying getting to know him, she’s also glad they’re keeping their holidays mostly separate.

It seems to be common knowledge that women are generally busier and more stressed than men, that they juggle more roles and are constantly rushing. Researchers from The University of Arizona's School of Family and Consumer Resources decided to find out.

They took a sample of 166 married couples and had each participant maintain a daily diary over the course of 42 days, where they recorded their daily stressors.

When you don't perceive a situation as a threat, your body's stress response is deactivated more quickly (or doesn't get triggered in the first place), and you're more able to avoid the effects of chronic stress.The results indeed showed that women reported a greater amount of "high distress" days and fewer distress-free days than men.Interestingly, the differences in levels of stressful days were due to women experiencing more onsets of "distress episodes" (having stress response triggered), rather than being more likely to continue in a distressed state from one day to the next.So the next year, when he was dating another woman, he went the opposite route and refrained from inviting her.“That didn’t go well either,” he said, and the relationship ended shortly afterwards. What about office parties and New Year’s celebrations?

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