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I don’t have 60%, I won’t be able to sit in some campus placement interview, I am a loser. You’re not a kid who cries over a fucking lollypop. I don’t care who you are and how much money you have, life will beat you down to your knees and keep you there if you let it. ” Here is the thing I have learned from poverty, being broke, establishing a small business from scratch. Live in different cities, work on small jobs, you will see the true color of life.

I got a few questions in my inbox – “If you succeeded in your website, why did you choose a job? You’re going to die anyway, so the amount of money in your bank is useless. Money is important and it matters but far more valuable is gaining experiences, inviting challenges, accepting how life unfolds.

I wouldn’t have succeeded in this wild venture if I listened to people telling me I write shitty articles.

I could have written it Anonymously, so that my Facebook friends never know how miser my life was.

I must get some money to pursue MS from US, otherwise its impossible to succeed….. You dumbass, stop telling yourself those imaginary lies. Get out of your comfort zone and do stuff you’re afraid to do, do things you want to do. I know some of them personally, have met a few and have connected online since 4-5 years.

Yes, I am angry and shouting because I know you’re not giving your 100%. She will leave me, my parents, he is lucky because he has an MBA, I don’t have a rich father, recession is coming, not many companies are hiring electrical engineers, everyone is shooting for IT companies. Someone must tie you with a rope and beat you up like shit, then you will do it. You will never be able to realize this if you sit in your comfort zone. When you have empty pockets, you will need inspiration. I am just average, there are people who have exceptional stories of their own.

I feel bad thinking someone in this planet needs this money to feed himself.

In fact, all I wrote for the first year was pure garbage.

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, always remember you are the creator of your life. All three events happened in quick succession and we were suddenly in debt.

Also read: After 1826 days of blogging, all I can say- Blogging is incredible It feels suffocating. Somehow, we got scammed and got ourselves chained in bank loans and poverty crept in. I am just another average graduate from just another average engineering college. Put my heart and soul into what I really wanted to do.) But the lessons I have learned in those two years has helped me shape up my character and be a better person.

I would work for hours in a data entry job and get paid Rs 1 for filling up forms, that way I earned Rs 80-100 a day.

I saw my father giving up his scooter to save fuel costs.

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