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Lots of parts matter, some a little and some a lot, like looks, body language, humor, eye contact, etc.

This may be how to challenge a man, but this is not what we typically want to do to challenge a woman.

The more you do for her and the more you try – the lower in value to herself you look.

If a man values himself so low in comparison to a woman that he does whatever she asks of him, always complies with her and supplicates to her, she will lose all respect for him as a man.

Imagine two men are in a social setting with a fairly even mix of males and females.

Both men are fairly good looking, both are dressed similarly, and both have about the same financial success. In this social setting is a fairly attractive young lady who is sitting alone.

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When she says how much she likes motorcycles, he promptly offers to take her riding.

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