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A person with a legitimate concern should hire a licensed private investigator to collect the facts.

Do-it-yourselfers lack the experience and emotional detachment to conduct successful investigations.” Murray also thinks that, even if the Cheaters Spy Shop offers its share of disclaimers on the use of the product, they could still be risking legal problems.

“We only do 44 cases a season, but we get close to 300,000 calls a year for people who want help with their domestic relationships,” he said.

“These products produce a better mousetrap.” But a mousetrap is only as good as the person who sets the trap and some people, such as Angela Daffron, who runs Jodi’s Voice, an anti-stalking advocacy group, worry that the technology sold at the Cheaters Spy Shop can be used by stalkers as well as spurned lovers.

“I was personally affected by the use of a program called Flexi Spy which was placed on my cell phone to monitor GPS and all communications on or around the phone,” she told Huff Post Weird News by email.

“The product is marketed as an option to monitor your child or catch a cheating spouse, but was used against me by a stalker.” “Whether you believe infidelity is happening or not, there is still a level of privacy necessary in a marriage.

But when your show is “Cheaters,” a syndicated reality series that investigates cheating spouses and records the often-violent confrontations that ensue, your options are limited.

“I’m slothful,” Goldstein admitted to Huff Post Weird News.$(document).ready(function () ); function change Today Text(elem) { change Text By Next Prev(elem); if (j Query(elem) !Author: David Moye Date: 1-3-12 When you have a hit TV show, there’s a lot of money to be made in ancillary products, such as t-shirts, notebooks, stickers or mousepads.“Most people misinterpret the law and what they’re allowed to do with devices like these,” Goldstein told Huff Post Weird News. People think they’re legally allowed to spy on their spouses and it’s probably not true, depending on how it’s done.” A former attorney who has worked his share of divorce cases, Goldstein says he made sure to cover himself legally.“We are very cautious about how we market our products,” he said.

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