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After our date he txts me saying that we should just stay friends because there was "no attraction".I felt relieved because I felt there was something not right about him but at the same time there was a little bit of attraction. ) I wanted to go off on him right then and there but instead I kindly declined and stopped talking to him.Sounds like he was giving you an honest answer to your question.If he was a legitimate 'negger' you would have known it long before then.Meaning, they felt the usefulness of the line(s) were wasted on less attractive women, as they didn't need to "be taken down a notch", they were already lower down on the value totem pole to start with.While not every neg is used in this way, it became synonymous with very physically attractive women and their (supposed) lack of self esteem for this reason.

As the concept of the neg evolved, some men found it more useful as a means to "take down", the "8s, 9s, and 10s" with a well-positioned neg.

Although there are no formal studies (that I could find) about the effectiveness of a neg, many in the Pick Up Artist community have honed these versions of pickup lines so well, they can predict how many women will respond positively The term neg originates with a Pick Up Artist who goes by the name Mystery (real name: Erik von Markovik).

Mystery coined the term around 2004 or 2005 through his company, The Mystery Method, which teaches Average Frustrated Chumps (AFCs) how to transform into master seducers.

These women thus became highly sought after: those that were physically ideal, yet, couldn't tell they were being manipulated with a simple social proof.

backhanded compliment, crack, cut, dig, insult, joke, jibe, parting shot, put-down, scoff, slam, snappy comeback, snub, take-down, taunt"Lisa was neg-proof.

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