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So spare a thought for the Rothschilds as they come to terms with Kate's latest beau.For no sooner had the 33-year-old heiress to an £18 million fortune extricated herself from the embrace of Mr Electronica than she has fallen into the arms of another rapper.Kate is not under any obligation to share the finer details of her private life with anyone, especially her family.'She is something of a champagne socialist. Professor Green has moved seamlessly between the music industry, where he has had Number One hits with the likes of Lily Allen, to TV, where he has a burgeoning reputation.She is always looking for a cause and very much identifies with the poor, downtrodden and disenfranchised. He is the real deal: a reformed cannabis dealer, who has been stabbed and who campaigns on social issues. He produced two well-received documentaries for BBC3, the first on suicide (to which he lost his father) and another on young men living on the streets'As for Professor Green, he could do a lot worse than settle down with Kate.On the day of the mayoral election last week, he told his two million followers he wouldn't be voting for Zac, decrying him as a 'div [idiot] who, in an effort to appeal to the average Londoner, went out to deliver milk . Queensland's popular tourist town was hit with a freak storm overnight leaving homes destroyed and thousands without power.The biggest one-day downpour in more than 60 years battered Bundaberg with more than 340 millimetres of rain on Monday.Residents of the popular Fraser Coast town shared photos of the debris online, showing sheds completely ripped apart and backyards resembling junk yards.

They're very keen to keep it under wraps and insist they are only friends so they avoid any public scrutiny until they are certain it's more than just a fleeting romance.'The family friend told me this week: 'Whether this is a fleeting thing or something more lasting is impossible to tell.

Kate's father Amschel was a scion of the Rothschild dynasty and her mother Anita is one of the Guinness family.

Her former husband, Ben, is son of late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel.

Local Bronnie Durston told ABC News the terrifying 'wind storm' swept through her home while her family had to barricade themselves inside for safety.

'You could hear the hum in the air as it came through,' Ms Durston said.

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More than 5000 homes are still without power while the flash flooding left roads closed to popular coastal towns including Agnes Water.

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