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Sextus' works have had an extraordinary influence on western philosophy, and this book provides the first exhaustive and detailed study of their recovery, transmission, and intellectual influence through Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.This study deals with Sextus' biography, as well as the history of the availability and reception of his works.However, at least twice in his writings, Sextus seems to place himself closer to the methodic school. Sextus Empiricus's three surviving works are the Outlines of Pyrrhonism (Πυῤῥώνειοι ὑποτυπώσεις, Pyrrhōneioi hypotypōseis, thus commonly abbreviated PH), and two distinct works preserved under the same title, Against the Mathematicians (Adversus Mathematicos), one of which is probably incomplete.The first six books of Against the Mathematicians (Πρὸς μαθηματικούς, Pros mathematikous) are commonly known as Against the Professors, and each book also has a traditional title: Against the Mathematicians I–VI is sometimes distinguished from Against the Mathematicians VII–XI by using an other title, Against the Dogmatists ( Πρὸς δογματικούς, Pros dogmatikous) and then the remaining books are numbered as I–II, III–IV, and V, despite the fact that it is also commonly believed that the beginning of such a separate work is missing and it is not known how many books might have preceded the extant books.It also contains an extensive bibliographical section, including editions, translations, and commentaries."This book is most helpful for those who are interested in the fortuna of ancient skepticism.Sextus recorded the practices of Pyrrhonian skepticism in , and his writings make up the most complete account of ancient Greek and Roman skepticism surviving today.

Use the dictionary lookup tool to examine difficult English words used by the translator. 210 AD, n.b., dates uncertain), was a physician and philosopher, and has been variously reported to have lived in Alexandria, Rome, or Athens.In his medical work, as reflected by his name, tradition maintains that he belonged to the empiric school, in which Pyrrhonism was popular.The first printing of his writings, in 1562, radically impacted the following centuries of philosophy.Little is known about Sextus Empiricus beyond what can be gleaned from his own writing.

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