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She had been a little confused when her boss had denied ordering any stationery, but had quickly dismissed the incident as trivial.s branch of the First National bank and make the deposit.

With luck, the busy cashier would have no reason to notice that the signature was of one of their lady customers, not of the large rastsa who was presenting the payment, and the dirty money would be in Pete and Sarah Later that day, Winston walked into the bar that Pete used every evening on his way home from work.

He had one of the brothers follow her to work the second time he had noticed her.

He was pleased to learn that the street caf afforded an ideal surveillance position for him to occupy as he planned his operation.

She walked with the sort of grace and confidence that could only come from knowing men enjoyed watching her. When she had married Pete, some 20 years earlier, she had been a stunner, with breasts that stopped traffic, but now, all those years down the line, her regime of fitness, horse riding , healthy eating, and most importantly dressing the part, meant that she was still able to enjoy many an admiring glance as she headed towards the insurance office where she worked.

Her breasts bounced ever so slightly under the satin camisole that she wore this morning.

Leroy was a smart tail, and she never noticed him, not even when he followed her home to her smart 4 bed detached home in the suburbs in which she and Pete took so much pride.

Sarah was going to learn to worship black meat, not treat it with disdain.Her breasts defied gravity in a way they had no right to at her age. Women fell over themselves to catch his eye, and queued up for his attention.He was unused to being teased by a woman who in his eye thought she was better than him.Synopsis: Sarah is in her 40s,married, well presented, and fully aware that she is attractive.Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist.

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She always favoured camisoles over bras, which she felt compromised the natural curve of her best assets-indeed ,she only ever wore bras for riding and other sporty activities ,allowing her fabulous chest to be the shape nature intended the rest of the time.

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