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This occurred to me on the road last week on tour with what must be the only electric band in North America in which no one has a tattoo, or anything pierced. There’s a kind of heliopause where the road life ends and the home life is embarked on but not quite real, and things are clear, the way the light feels scrubbed after a storm.

We'll start in Maine at the Stone Mountain Arts Center (10/20), playing the Once Ballroom in Somerville, MA (10/21); Higher Ground in Burlington, VT (10/22); Gypsy Sally's in DC (10/25); Rockwood 2 in NYC (10/26); The Word Barn in Exeter, NH (10/27); and bringing it all back home to finish up at the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA (10/28).

We're going to air out a pile of new songs, His and Hers, boxing the compass in 15 states.

We've got a 9 year old Tour Manager who doesn't have an i Pad. EAST - In October we play the Northeast on the first leg of a three-month North America tour with Kris Delmhorst for the release of her new album THE WILD, which I co-produced and played on with my band.

I’m going out west to hunt birds for four days with my old friend Chris Dombrowski, after which I’ll fly to Milwaukee and rent a van, in order drive to Detroit the next day and meet the band, in order to start a Midwest tour in Ann Arbor on 12/1.

Even I am confused by that sentence but let’s proceed on the assumption that it’s a reasonable plan.

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He had Elvis, Del Shannon, and Gene Vincent, and we had him.

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