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Why else be on a friggin' GOSSIP sight and then say, "Oh, I have some but I'm so self-righteous I couldn't possibly spill the beans!"I find it interesting that there are so few anecdotes about out gay celebrities who have an active sex life. Not sure how active she is, but I definitely don't buy any of her rumored romances with men. i'm asking why the gossip we have is mostly about straight identifying men and very few stories of out gay celebrity encounters..In any event, I agree with him and am glad that he is okay.Sascha Baron Cohen is gay.[quote]Meryl had an affair with Jack on "Ironweed" set.No one from Hollywood has come forward to say not true, which makes me think its been inside, common knowledge for decades.denying it would just give it more publicity. One of the best involves the death of the handsome young actor who fell eight stories from the balcony of a West Hollywood apartment in which James Caan was sleeping.Police ruled it an accident, but a DLer posted that the buzz at the time was that James caught the guy in bed with his then-teenage son Scott and chased him off the edge.I am so bored by the let's pretend we are wallflower,scene in a movie, an actor threads. I found this random as for something apparently well known I had never heard anything except that Chris was straight,but on the other hand I did not dismiss it as readily as I have some other pieces of goss. James Franco tried to commit suicide a year or so ago. That a neighbour saw Austin stay with Jake regularly. Another random piece of gossip that seemed interesting was about Chris Hemsworth,suggesting that it was well known he was in the closet in Australia in his Home and Away days. No one from Hollywood has come forward to say not true, which makes me think its been inside, common knowledge for decades.

This is something that Mila Kunis spread because he told her and everyone else that Ashton Kutcher was a douche.

The story had true-to-life details, such as when the Latino was later recounting the event and was asked if Marc was jerking off while he was sucking, the guy got all excited and said Yes, yes, how did you know??!!

Ha ha, r43, that was me with the Al Sharpton story, and again I can assure you all that it happened!

Considering how the Feld family treated their father's gay lover after his father's death, I wouldn't put anything past them.

That Ed Asner is quietly gay and has a long time partner.

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But you could share some info that might be a little tame, just confirm homo or bi status of people, without giving demeaning info or things only you could know. if you had sex with a guy, he wouldn't have only done it with you. If you come from that perspective of no harm, you can still share info - just not the juiciest parts of it.

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