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He noted that the Zero was not in optimum condition.He also noted that the Navy’s full Technical Aviation Brief #3, on which the information in the briefer Intelligence Service Report was based, listed different speeds from different tests, with some speeds 7 to 10 mph faster than those shown in Figure 3.

It is not known how heavily the Zero was loaded for this contest. This aircraft had been flown by Flight Petty Officer Tadayoshi Koga.But the book also fails to indicate the source of this statement.It may be that whoever created the uncited 331 mph speed estimate went through the same calculations we did earlier in this paper based on Horikoshi’s book and got the same results.In addition, the Zero was not very good in dives and had severe maneuverability limitations at speeds above about 180 mph.The Zero’s great strengths were really its maneuverability at moderate speed, its incredible combat range, (arguably) its cannon armament, and, at the start of the war with the United States, its combat-experienced pilots.

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