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When this happens, the quickest fix is usually to reset the i Pod by pressing and holding the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 10 seconds.Also make sure that all of your apps, i Tunes software and i Pod software are up to date.Okay, so enough about what Genius Playlists are, how do we get them working on our i Phone? UPDATE: In order to use Genius Playlists on your i Phone, you have to have the Genius service enabled under i Tunes 8, and if you are manually managing your music, have at least one i Tunes playlist you've dragged to your i Phone (otherwise the i Phone Genius service will not initialize). Flick-scroll your way through it until you find a "seed" song you want to use to generate your Genius playlist around.Also, as mentioned above, if you didn't get your music via i Tunes, make sure you copy i Tunes' metadata as closely as possible or Genius may not recognize your songs. () First, from your i Phone or i Pod Touch home screen, tap the i Pod App icon. If you don't have enough music on your i Phone similar to the "seed" song, i Pod App will pop up a dialog box to alert you. When you find one Genius can work with, a new, automagically generated playlist will slide up.Wish you could hear different songs from a variety of albums in your own greatest hits collection?Make a playlist and be the judge of what is great and what isn’t.Basically, they take a song you like, what you typically like with it (what playlists you include it on), what others who like it also like (what playlists they include it on), and what music mathematically (tempo, tone, etc.) fits in with it.

For example, if you choose a classic rock song, the Genius feature will look for other rock songs by similar artists in your library to create a playlist.

Next, tap on the Playlist button at the bottom (if you've customized your layout, you may have to tap More.. If you hate the playlist, just tap New and start again.

If it's okay, but not great, tap Refresh and Genius will use the same "seed" to generate a new, differently ordered playlist (and if you have tons of music, with variations in the exact songs selected). From there you can Refresh for variety, or Delete for eternity.

The Genius feature of an i Pod provides personalized playlists and mixes, kind of like a mechanical DJ.

Using data about your music, such as genre, artist and tempo, the i Pod's Genius feature finds songs that fit well together, so you can automatically create sets with specific themes.

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