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Season 1, Episode 12 CCTV-PG Davis learns of his father's corruption.

Matty gets into trouble while trying to apologize to a former girlfriend.

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Acclaimed producers John Wells (ER, The West Wing) and Edward Allen Bernero (Criminal Minds) created this action-packed drama about the brave and dedicated people who serve as New York’s police, paramedics and firefighters.

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The suicide of his first partner causes Sully to reflect on his own life.

Davis and Sully's working relationship improves, but Doc and Carlos get into a fistfight. Season 1, Episode 7 CCTV-PG Bosco brutalizes a murder suspect. Carlos attempts to revive a premature fetus whose mother he accidentally injured. Season 1, Episode 8 CCTV-PG On Thanksgiving Day, Bosco tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant, while Yokas attempts the same at home.

Bobby's mother will not allow her son Matty to attend the family's holiday celebration. Season 1, Episode 9 CCTV-PG Davis inadvertently endangers a youth he's trying to help.

Bobby finds his brother covered in someone else's blood. Carlos is upset about Doc's relationship with Morales.

Yokas and Bosco help a mentally retarded 15-year-old girl who has had consensual sex with her older, retarded boyfriend. Season 1, Episode 13 CCTV-PG Candyman risks his life for Davis. Yokas is enraged by Bosco's treatment of a wounded thief. Season 1, Episode 15 CCTV-PG Davis shoots an innocent man.

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