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musician, as well as songwriter Buddy Greene and Lowry, composed the music.

This Christmas play script later became the popular song. His first video “Mark Lowry: My First Comedy” was released in 1988. These videos made him even more popular among the audiences.

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Interesting, Lowry managed to talk about being single and getting married without ever mentioning the opposite gender.

Best known for the hilarious comedy, Mark Lowry is known to be one of the successful celebrity of America. He got in an accident I 1978 from which he spends a good deal of time in physical therapy to recover.

I’m sure people in the southern gospel music tradition found Mark Lowry hilarious, but I didnt. Like others in the gay christian movement, Stevens is pushing the lie that homosexuality is not a sin and that any judgment whatsoever of a so called lgbt christian is a sin.

Lowry admitted he “knew” what lesbian singer Marsha Stevens was “doing”. In the video, Lowry pushes more of the noncomittal brand of pop-christian belief that nothing matters except having “Jesus in your heart”.

It was originally recorded by Christian recording artist Michael English on his self-titled debut solo album in 1991 (English and Lowry were both members of the Gaither Vocal Band at the time). The song has since gone on to become a modern Christmas classic, being recorded by many artists over the years across multiple genres. " is the eleventh track on Cee Lo's Christmas album Cee Lo's Magic Moment.

We are pleased to report that Mark Lowry’s doctor has given him the green light to rejoin the 2013 Gaither Vocal Band Tour starting this weekend!

We are so happy he is on the mend, and we know you are too!

Mark broke his leg January 3, and the injury required surgery and physical therapy, which took him off the road for several weeks.

In case you missed it, Mark tells the story of his fall in this video interview.

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